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Best Lounges in Dubai – Nightlife in Dubai is a major attraction for visitors and a treat for the rest. Acts of all types visit and perform and the venues are no less spectacular. From clubs to bars, Dubai is a leading nightlife destination. Venues that gain a lot of attention are the lounges in Dubai. All of them have different quirks which make them special. Let us look at some of the main features of the best lounges in Dubai, among them is AER, a magnificent lounge in this beautiful city.


The best lounges in Dubai, are mostly vibrant, tasteful, and guarantee a fun night out. AER, one of the best lounges in Dubai according to us is no different. Situated in Emirates Financial Towers, this is such an ideal spot to get together with friends to enjoy an afternoon or party through the night with some supper.  Their hours are so convenient too like most of the best lounges in Dubai, Saturday – Thursday 6:00 PM till 3:00n AM and on Fridays 3:00 PM to 3:00 AM.


What makes AER stand out from the rest? A menu to rival flavors of the rest, grand décor, events, and aesthetically pleasing all-round and course service is quality. But every lounge has this, right? Wrong! Let me tell you why AER is among the best lounges in Dubai.


AER Lounge Menu | Restaurant Menu

Their menu is pretty special in that all their flavors are experimented with, so much so that they’ve made sure every mouthful is bursting with a unique flavor and each one is handpicked to make sure that the flavors immerse with one another creating the most perfect combinations. A risotto is never just a risotto at AER! (Try their Wild Mushroom and Truffle Risotto!). Their menu also includes salads, cold and hot appetizers, sushi, flatbreads and pizza, sliders, and pasta, everyone gets fed delicious food at AER.


Their decor goes over and above being just aesthetically good to the eye. It’s a delicate balance of dark and light that makes it stand out and ensures an unforgettable night. With lights garnishing the ceilings and dark undertones of luxury furniture, it’s almost as if you’ve stepped onto a movie set! The best part about AER is the spacious interiors that hold this luxurious interior, there’s enough space to feel free when you need to unwind… I mean who likes a cramped little lounge anyway.


One of the best Happy Hours of your life will be at AER, hands down! Their cocktails are expertly mixed, combining sheer flavors which give you the best taste experience. Your tastebuds experience a jolting gush of flavor, whether you love a creamy cocktail or a more exotic dramatic hit, AER mixes it best. Happy hours are daily from Saturday-Wednesday 6 PM- 9 PM and Thursday from 6 PM – 8 PM.

AER is an exceptionally luxurious experience not just with food and décor but overall, they aim to harness this aspect and provide it to the public. They do just this with their opulent 100ft bar! Yes, 100ft! One of the longest bars in Dubai, it’s a spectacle on its own. 


Every night at AER is sheer opulence and they do leave the rest miles behind when it comes to creating an ambiance that drips of upper-class opulence.

Every turn has an exciting new experience food, decor, beautiful people, and an unmatched buzz, these things all come together to create one of the best lounges in Dubai. It’s not difficult to see why AER is one of the best lounges in Dubai, when you’re picking your next lounge for a great night on the town, it’s a no-brainer that AER should be on the top of your list!


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