The Best Restaurant in Dubai

Dubai’s Best Restaurant 2021

Dubai is an undisputed hotspot for great dining venues. The cosmopolitan city found in the United Arab Emirates has an extensively large selection of all kinds of different restaurants, cafés, and eateries that offer all types of cuisines and food fusions. Although this is a good thing, this also makes trying to decide which venue is the best restaurant in Dubai out of so many amazing options, a rather difficult one. However, it is without a doubt that the longstanding and popular restaurant AER is a top candidate when it comes to choosing the best restaurant in Dubai.


The Best restaurant in Dubai That You Need To Try

AER can be found in the heart of DIFC, one of Dubai’s busiest and most bustling dining spots. It is the best restaurant in Dubai for anything from a fun Friday brunch, an elegant weekend night out, a romantic dinner for two, a business lunch, and even just for shisha and chill with your friends.


The best restaurant in Dubai must consistently have the highest standards not only when it comes to the food that they serve, but with everything else that comes with it. To be rated the best restaurant in Dubai means creating a whole dining experience.


This includes not only the food but also drinks, service, ambiance, entertainment, setting, and vibes at a minimum. AER is an easy candidate for the best restaurant in Dubai because it has all of these things and more.


Restaurants and Lounges Redefined! A Unique Ambiance for the Hangout Lovers.

It has an incredibly unique ambiance, beautiful décor, tantalizingly tasty drinks, and of course, the most delicious food. However, it also has incredible views of downtown Dubai that can be seen from its open-top roof and bar. It has the most luxuriously smooth and rich shisha and comfortable seating for you to enjoy at.


In addition, AER has world-class entertainment with everything from musicians to performers and, of course, an incredible restaurant with the ultimate fine-dining experience. There is no doubt that AER is the best restaurant in Dubai, but also the best shisha spot, the best bar, and the best brunch spot in Dubai too.


AER is able to be rated as one of, if not the best restaurant in Dubai because it is a restaurant that you can rely on for a consistently good dining experience. If you want to try the best restaurant in Dubai, then AER is where you should go.


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